Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Impact of Species Extinction.

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It is worth noting, with interest, that all forms of life are interdependent and that extinction of one form of life threatens the survival of the rest of the ecosystem either directly or indirectly. For instance, threat of extinction of dolphins poses a serious threat to marine ecosystem as well as other indirectly related ecosystems (Case web). Humans should respond to the current crisis of species extinction by utilizing the species rationally and fairly, upholding ethical ecological values, enacting measures that are more stringent, and practicing ethics in all human activities. Aldo leopold poses a challenge to human activities concerning protection of endangered species. Planetary life is interdependent and all forms of life can be seen as an ecosystem. However, human beings do not see the need for protection of endangered species especially when the extinction of such species does not affect human life directly. Whereas there are many species in the verge of extinction, dolphins offer a good example of species, which are becoming extinct at an alarming rate (Maas 1). It is more disheartening to note the way man shows cruelty to animals. For instance, fishing of dolphins is usually done in a cruel way. These animals are mishandled so badly that fishing zones becomes pools of blood. The same case applies to animals taken to slaughterhouses. Since we depend on animal for survival, we should reciprocate by treating them with respect especially when dealing with species under the threat of extinction. It is worth noting with concern that extinction of some species such as dolphins is primarily caused by human activities. It is undeniable that dolphins play a very important role in sustaining the economic activities especially for the communities that depend on fishing for a living (Milbury 1). However, lack of discipline and ethics has resulted to overfishing of dolphins posing a serious threat to extinction. Additionally, human activities such as industrial, mining, and agricultural activities contribute greatly to pollution of marine water. This in turn makes the marine environment inhabitable for marine life such as dolphins. Although effect of pollution to marine life takes time, the impacts are often long lasting and disastrous (National Research Council 112). Marine life often dies in large numbers and the few that are lucky to survive migrate to locations that are more favorable thereby destabilizing the ecosystem that we depend on. This necessitates the need to respond to the current crisis of species extinction by upholding ethical ecological values. The impact of extinction of a species may not be seen in short term but the results are more often than not felt after duration. Plants and animals occupy an important level in the ecological system. While some forms of life act as predators, others act as source of food to the rest. This implies that reduced number of a given species in an ecosystem will have a direct effect on the immediate forms of life (Ryding 219). For instance, dolphins feed on fish such as anchovies. However, they also feed on squids and octopus. A decrease in dolphins as a predator to these other marine life causes an increase in their number.

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