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Diversity covers various aspects of the employees ranging from gender, physical ability, social background, age, educational qualifications, race, color, ethnic origin etc. Cultural diversity basically deals with diversity in the cultural backgrounds of employees, which comes from factors like race, color and ethnic origin. In contrast to the confined definition of cultural diversity, the topic of this[not sure why you say your approach is in contrast Do you mean that you’re being inclusive of both approaches], cultural diversity in this proposal encompasses all the factors that come in the preview of generally accepted aspects of equal opportunity.

Diversity of late is not just a matter of following rules or of being a ‘good thing’ to do, but an inevitable requirement in the light of recent global developments. Many organizations are now operating in a more global environment either because of their direct involvement or indirect involvement through their value chain. The end customers are also becoming more and more concerned about the treatment afforded to the employees of an organization before purchasing their product or availing their service. All the pointers clarify the urgency with which diversity management programs and equal opportunity policies have to be rolled out at an organizational as well as at a national and indeed international level.

Now that the requirement to recognize and value cultural di…

The cues may be taken from existing research on diversity management and specifically in the middle – eastern countries.

Enforcing diversity related policies in the middle – east throw up a different set of challenges from the rest of the world. The context of enforcement should comply with the strong religious sentiments that exist in these countries. For example, rights of women pertaining to driving, family law etc are different in different middle – eastern countries. They have varying degrees of restrictions or freedom regarding several social aspects which in turn affect the work life balance. UAE in particular has been more exposed to the global world through active participation in trade. Hence the strategies may be slightly different in UAE, though the middle – eastern influence cannot be ignored. There is some form of diversity management mainly initiated by the Multi-National Corporations (MNC’s) as a part of their company policies. In the absence of set legislative rules for enforcement, existing practices by the MNC’s from the Middle East and outside may be used as a benchmark to analyze the current situation of UAE.

In general there have been several developments in diversity management in organizations. The status of diversity management policies and programmes has moved from a purely HR responsibility to the strategic level. The well being of an organisation in terms of effectiveness and performance could be said to be largely dependent on the changing demographics (Duffy, 1994) [if you believe this to be the case, you need to support your argument with evidence, or at the very least to say somethings like ‘as I will go on to demonstrate’].

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