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Thus, this disenchanted generation of post World War I war enjoyed violent Festiva of San Fermin in Pamplona (bull running and fighting) as a relaxing vacation event (“The sun also rises”, p.156). Hence, conventional morality notions were discarded after the World War I and the lives of individuals were subjugated by aimlessness. Earnest Hemingway wrote this partially fictional tale to signify the pessimistic psychological and physical impacts of War on the individuals, who witnessed its full vivacity at some point of life. Therefore, his first hand experience in War enabled him to shed light on the psychological yearnings and deficiencies, which emerge as a traumatic aftermath of War. Although, these traumatic changes in the society and the personalities of individuals are not mentioned clearly by the author, but his implications suggest that he intends to direct his readers towards the unseen revulsions and turmoil his characters face and feel due to horrifying affect of War. Therefore, Hemingway’s work has meticulously chosen the age group of his characters, who are not young, but adults. all earning their living through some mean. These characters who are somewhere in their late twenties or early thirties, have spent their adolescent time in speculating the revulsions of War. Thus, after the war these individuals recall their trauma and become miserable even with the extravagance of alcohol, sexual freedom and lack of moral ethics to follow due to liberalism or modernism. The nineteenth century social norms or perspectives were discarded by this disillusioned generations and women became powerful in choosing their sexual partners without impeding their desires or will (Moddelmog, p.92). Hemingway was a true moralist, who speculated all his characters with intellect and emphasized on learning from one’s own mistakes (Bloom, p.334). Therefore, he narrated the tale of people, who were self-indulgent and cried over their personal shortcomings. They have been depicted as single souls without social and family obligations, who are only responsible for their pleasures and heart contentment. However, due to Hemingway’s journalism familiarity, he was able to inscribe this partially fictional yet true replica of elite class and their gauche and unappealing lives. Thus, Jake Barnes, Lady Ashley, Robert Cohen, Mike Campbell Bill Gorton, Montoya and Pedro Romero play along with Hemingway’s mantra of social chauvinism against conventional morals. Although, Earnest Hemingway has represented his characters on prominent positions of social and professional life. closer to be called successful, but they all have been yearning for some unattainable personal desire. Dominance of personal and social ambiguity is evident throughout the play, which has been an aftermath of poignant horrors of war. Psychological disturbance is not directly suggested but it has been an imperceptible phenomenon, which Hemingway specifically wanted to address. Therefore, he crafted twentieth century romance with its true veracity in a post war modern society. Hence, one can observe how easy it is for the characters of the novel to mingle among them self and change sex-partners in accord to their will and preference.

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