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Apple Inc. has international operations which are operated from its California based headquarters. The company is headed by a team of top executives who are responsible for making strategic decisions which affect the company’s future operations. The management of the company and its activities are directed by a group of board of directors. The company’s business operations are divided into various functionalities which include consumer electronics arm, personal computers and software and mobile phones. The business activities are effectively designed into design, manufacturing or development, sales and marketing, development and research. Since the company operates in several markets across the world, it has varying levels of management and organizational or business activities.The strategic environment within Apple’s business environment can be analyzed through the application of Porter’s five forces for competitive advantage of a company. According to Porter (1985, p. 54), the threat of new entrants into the market poses a significant challenge to the competitive of a company. Since Apple operates in many markets across the world, it is evident that the company is challenged by the new companies which arise in these markets and provide products and services similar to those of Apple. Examples of new entrants into the Apple’s business environment include new mobile phone companies, telecommunication service providers and manufactures of computer systems and mobile phones. which comprise of the services and products that the company provides. The threat of new entrants is more significant when these new operators provide services at a cheaper price than a specific company (Porter, 1985, p. 65).

The power of buyers who represent the consumers of Apple’s products is a significant force that determines the company’s strategies for competitive advantage. The information and communication industry as well as the mobile phone and telecommunication sector across the world is very dynamic. This means that the needs of consumers change frequently in relation to their tastes and preferences (Porter, 1985, p. 72). It is in this sense that Apple Inc employs a strategic plan that focuses on fulfilling or meeting the needs of consumers. This is because consumers comprise of the most important stakeholder for any business.

Hannagan (2009, p. 43) points out that the power of suppliers play a significant role in defining the business strategies that are employed by a company for strategic advantage within the market. The suppliers of Apple’s raw materials determine its success in production and assurance of quality for its electronic, computing and mobile phone products. It is in this sense that the company is mandated to ensure that in all of its markets especially where its production processes are situated has access to suppliers. More importantly the company ensures that it maintains a positive relationship with its suppliers so that it would maintain their loyalty. In this light, the company is able to become strategically competitive within its business environment by producing the best quality of products and services.

Hannagan (2009, p.

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