Write 7 page essay on the topic Foreign Policy.

From there, as regards the incumbent, a voter will decide if that president really did all he could do to achieve his promises to the American people. There, of course, can be extenuating circumstances as to why one or more goals were not achieved and this factor, or factors, should also be taken into consideration for the overall summary. Barack Obama and his administration have delivered most of the promises made four years ago, and for not kept, there are certainly circumstances that affect the American people, and Obama as well, that no one can do anything about. In choosing to support Obama’s foreign policy, the reason is that he has done the most of any recent presidents to bring peace between America and the rest of world, in so much as he has been able to do so. OUTLINE OF BARACK OBAMA’S FOREIGN POLICY SUCCESSES The Obama/Biden website shows how he has ended the war in Iraq, returning control and security to the people of Iraq so that they can conduct their affairs on their own. While there are certainly still problems on the ground between Muslim sects, these are issues that must be controlled and solved by the ruling party of Iraq. At this point, it is not up to America to rule this country or to provide more help in the way of troops and arms. Those that the Americans military have trained, are now fully sufficient to take care of matters on their own. Obama has kept his promise to bring home the troops in Iraq and this has brought peace to Iraq (Barack Obama web). Living in the Middle East, the consequences of his influence is plain to see in how he has helped to promote peace through several countries when he has supported the overthrow of dictators’ regimes, leaders who have terrorized their people for decades. He has gone out of his way to promote cordial relationships with new leaders and encourage and supported the new regimes put in place by each country’s people. From there, he does not interfere further with a country’s politics but instead, supports from afar, what new regimes are trying to do for their people (Barack Obama web). Governor Mitt Romney, however, while promoting peace also, would be more inclined to put troops on the ground should the occasion arise. This creates the potential for another possible war, which no one wants. Romney also stands very firmly on the position of the red line which is held on Iran, a potential spot for nuclear development, and Romney has indicated he would go to war should Iran bomb Israel. While Obama will be cutting defense expenditures, Romney intends to eliminate that action and instead, double the money to the military to make sure they have everything they need. It is not clear how he would get the money however (Arquilla web). Other points to be made here is that Obama has set the deadline for American troops in Afghanistan to come home in 2013 and currently has also had American troops teach local Afghan troops how to use and bear arms so that they, too, will also be the peacekeepers in Afghanistan, much as those in Iraq currently are. Al-Qaeda has been significantly weakened in the Middle East since the beginning of the Iraqi war, allowing for the peoples here in many countries to experience freedom in living their daily lives. (Barack Obama web).

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