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The main point to be noticed here is that numbers of minorities within the workforce who are qualified and educated have increased and this makes it compulsory for the organizations to attract, hire and recruit member of the workforce who are recognized as minority. Research has been conducted for several years and the results of these researches is that hiring individuals who represent the minority s not enough to achieve success and efficiency within the organization. Questions have even been raised against the effectiveness of the training programs of diversity implemented by organizations. Those organizations that fail to attain success in creating a diversified work environment have experienced the negative implications of diversity. Such events have been experienced by world’s top most organizations such as Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola (Samson 511). When organizations fail to integrate and attain diversity, they experience downsides such as law suits based on discrimination. Those organizations that have been successful in integrating diversity have attained favorable results and rewards. The failure to achieve diversity and deal with diversity in an effective manner is a problematic situation for private firms and firms that contribute to the list of Fortune 500 companies. These issues have not even spared the public and the nonprofit sector which is already deeply concerned due to financial issues. These organizations are mostly held responsible for not spending money on the activities of human resource management such as training and development, hiring and retention. Problems will further elevate for these organizations as Baby Boomers will obtain retirement and a shortage in the workforce will be created. According to the conventional business case in the favor of diversity, organizations should manage their diverse workforce in an appropriate manner to attain competitive advantage over its competitors. This is very essential for organizations because the demographics of the workforce are changing on daily basis. According to Soni, during the period of 1990 the total workforce of US comprised of 73% white and 27% minority individuals, the statistics changed to 30% minority and 70% white individuals within a time frame of ten years (Soni, 2004) . This clearly shows that employers need to pay attention to the element of diversity as the minorities are becoming an integral part of the workforce. Various benefits of diversity have been realized by organizations, diversity helps an organization in achieving its aims and objectives. This happens because employees who belong to different cultures and society play a major ole in generation of ideas and solutions to issues experienced by organizations. Diversity will lead to creation of creative teams and creativity within teams will increase and this will lead to designing and development of creative products. Another major benefit of having a diversified workforce is that diverse workforce is able to attract diverse amount of customers (Champoux 30). Customers feel more relaxed and want to buy more from organizations that are able to understand what their needs and wants are.

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