Write a 7 page essay on How the company seeks to deliver customer value.

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Basically, the purpose of this report is to explicate different media through which a company attempts to deliver real customer value by using example of Walmart which is an American multinational retail corporation and famously runs a large chain of department stores around the world. The success of this renowned business corporation is such that it is consistently ranked by Forbes as one of the top businesses operating worldwide. As it is one of the world’s most prestigious companies, currently over two million employees are privately employed at Walmart. It is also the largest grocery retailer in the US. There are already 8500 stores operating in as many as 15 countries under different names and the head of Walmart has thrown light on more plans for growth on an international level. This company stands distinguished among a growing crowd of aspiring organizations because the managers vigorously and regularly collaborate with employees to meet dynamic public needs and gain more customers.

Not only customer intimacy is considered an important standard at Walmart, but the ramifications of promotion, distribution, and pricing policies are also carefully scrutinized which substantially helps in improving the satisfaction rate and delivering quality service. Organizational Objectives: One of the principal objectives of Walmart as identified by Mike Duke who is the current CEO of the organization is related to speeding up its expansion process to reach out to all people scattered around the world. He claimed in one address that in order to prioritize customer value, a more customer-focused approach is the need of the time and to stay ahead of other reputable organizations in current business environment to further this objective, Walmart will have to speed up its growth process (Daniel 2012). This objective identifies a fierce desire to gain recognition by delivery customer value. Astute assessment of customer satisfaction is considered critically important because that enigmatically assists in acknowledging what is valued by customers and that information can then be processed to gain a competitive edge over less knowledgeable rival organizations. Same has always been the tendency of Walmart marketers and managers and has consequently brought the company considerable success. Marketers can draw conclusions on what customers value only with the help of comprehensive knowledge in that context which can be gained by serving dynamic needs of a diverse line of customers as explicated by Duke (Daniel 2012). General consensus is that innovation is one of the key determinants of competitive advantage and this idea is fully respected at Walmart which invests extra efforts into integrating innovation in its organizational design or structure. Now, the idea of value can only be defined by the customers which is why integrating innovation in its products is infinitely stressed at Walmart to satisfy the target groups. It is repeatedly claimed that not only innovation is an important source of business growth but it also executes a phenomenal influence on customer value which is the essence of all marketing operations carried out by Walmart corporation.

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