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Dubai’s operation management teams are responsible for designing and managing the various products, underlying processes, supply chain and even the services to be tendered. The team headed by the city’s local authorities are in charge of overseeing acquisition of resources, their development and utilization so that various firms are able to deliver goods and services to the multicultural client base that gets in and out of this United Arab Emirates city (Kachru, 636). Statement of the problem The strategic geographical location of Dubai in the Middle East has significant role in the economic progress of the region. It is the central commercial indicator of the entire region in respect of the mass international economic and financial activities taking place in it. What is of particular interest is how quality control can be improved by the city’s management authorities. How operation management can effectively be put into play to see an improvement in overall performance of the city’s activities is the problem of central concern Introduction Dubai Metro boasts of Arabian Gulf’s first major urban railway project that targets to boost the efficiency of movement amid various activities in the city. It has one of the finest urban rail systems in the globe which is responsible for mass influx of tourists and serves as the avenue of economic and financial activities (Ramos, 1). The need for quality control is paramount in this commercial hub since the commercial activities taken up are to be standardized at international level with complete adherence to the diverse cultural concepts that constitutes the visitors. Operation management of this city is under the overall authority of Dubai Municipality’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) who has supervisory role in all the quality control exercise in collaboration with central government authorities (Report, 110). Scope of the topic It is important to assess the various concepts that surround the strategies that are put in place by the relevant authorizes in Dubai as far as quality control is concerned. Operation management is a technical concept and a tool for effective and efficient flow of various activities in a busy metro like this. Some of the variables that need to be taken into consideration in relation to the exercise include the population, level of technology, social factors and the physical aspects. The goal of undertaking quality control is to integrate the local business rules into the global trade policies that will suit the standards of the international bodies. The overall theoretical concept under discussion is the modalities of reconciling the required diverse socio-cultural population and the expected internationally acceptable economic policies (Kurtz and Louis, 526). The city is at the mercy of sound operation management as it is always at the forefront of feeling any disturbance in the global financial crisis occasioned by various economic cycles. It is also imperative that management of this quality control outsource some services for quality and cost. This is a capital intensive management issue and therefore must incorporate various technological models for a viable process.

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