Create a 16 page essay paper that discusses Attraction Management.

This particular study focuses on Trafalgar Square, and necessitated the acquisition of data as to how attraction management for this tourist spot was being handled. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page CHAPTER I. EVENT MANAGEMENT / ATTRACTION MANAGEMENT: AN INTRODUCTION 1 II. TRAFALGAR SQUARE 7 III. CONCLUSION 17 REFERENCES 18 Event Management / Attraction Management: An Introduction Every country, developed or developing, has and will always be coming up with new ways to make money. Ideally, these funds would then be used to improve infrastructure, or to create new job opportunities for its citizens, or generally bankrolling development efforts nationwide. For better or worse, the old saying about money making the world go round at least has a modicum of truth to it. This money, of course, is made through selling things, whether products or services, by way of taxing business establishments. To sell a service in particular requires a great deal of effort on the part of the salesman. events and attractions are no exception among these. If anything, said need for a concerted effort applies even more so in this regard, due to the increased need to convince prospective customers that one’s offerings are actually good and are not, in fact, worthless. Given how much profit is at stake, it would be best to be aware of and display a certain degree of proficiency in event management – which refers to the administration and creation of various conferences, festivals and occasions (Ramsborg, 2008). As with any other type of management, event management requires a load of planning in order to succeed. Among other things, those in charge of such tasks need to be ready and willing to analyze and identify their prospective clients and target market as well as pick a proper event theme, for a start. And after getting this done, next on the list are issues of logistics and coordinating with the relevant personnel. The general demand for both traditional and contemporary events has contributed greatly to the growth of this industry. Said events can be conducted for any purpose, be it organizational, cultural or personal in nature, but it should be obvious for anyone planning such events to want them to succeed. Luckily, certain breakthroughs have made successful event management and planning much more convenient, thanks in part to how increasingly fierce competition has made each player recognize the increasing need and difficulty with respect to one-upping their rivals. Technology in particular has been a godsend, especially in that proper application of it expedites tasks, which no longer need quite as many people to get done right. This becomes much more readily apparent when the internet is factored into the equation. The so-called information superhighway is definitely a great help in this case, not only in spreading awareness regarding the event, but also when it comes to facilitating the growth of the firm in charge of the said event or attraction. Thanks in part to this, the industry of event management (and by extension, attraction management) has become even more lucrative and profitable than it already was. That said, there are things that need to be kept in mind when it comes to event management.

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