ARENA Game System:

ARENA is a multi-user, Web-based system for organizing and conducting tournaments. ARENA is

game independent in the sense that organizers can adapt a new game to the ARENA game

interface, upload it to the ARENA server, and immediately announce and conduct tournaments

with players and spectators located anywhere on the Internet. Organizers can also define new

tournament styles, describing how players are mapped to a set of matches and how to compute

an overall ranking of players by adding up their victories and losses (hence, figuring out who

won the tournament). To recoup their operational costs, organizers can also invite potential

sponsors to display advertisement banners during games.


1. Use-Case Diagram

Part A: Identify Actors and Use Cases for the Arena Game System. Draw the Use Case Diagram

that details the high-level functionality of the system. Make sure to have includes and extends

relationships between use cases where relevant.

Part B: Pick any 2 use cases from your diagram and provide the complete textual use case

description of the use case (i.e., participants, entry and exit conditions, the main flow of events,

any exceptional flow of events, and special requirements).


2. Class Diagram

Draw a class diagram for the Arena Game System based on your use-case diagram that

embodies the primary classes. This should be a high-level class diagram with the important

objects and their relationships. Make sure to include properties and behavior (high-level) for the

classes. Also provide relationships/associations between classes along with the multiplicity. For

special associations indicate if it is an aggregation, composition, or inheritance. Show at least

one instance of inheritance association.


3. Activity Diagram

Draw an activity diagram for the scenario described below:

A new user registers with the Arena system as an organizer and then uploads a new Connect4

game. Next the organizer announces and organizes a tournament with players. The organizer

also solicits advertisers and accepts applications received. Accepted advertisers are then

allowed to place their banners during the game. When a tournament ends the organizers

announces the results. Make sure to use split and synchronize constructs of activity diagram and

organize activities into suitable lanes.


4. State Diagram

Identify all possible states for a Connect4 Game object and draw a state diagram for it. Make

sure to include valid states and transitions between states labeled by triggers/events. Also

indicate the start state and end state.


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