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Nevertheless, there has been a challenge in trying to get teachers to be comfortable and secure with their technology skills. This is particularly common with practical subjects such as social studies where technology applications would be used for tutoring purposes (Shriner et al., 2010). There has been a categorization of issues, which influence integration of technology into classrooms. they are curricular, social, environmental and personal aspects. moreover, environmental aspects refer to elements such as administrative support by the school, hardware and software. The social aspect focuses on the significance of communities, to support technology in classrooms. The personal aspect relates to the individual viewpoint on technology by teachers and their willingness to adapt it. Lastly, curricular aspects relate to use of technology in specific tutorial settings. That is, how the learning materials are linked with the course plans (Lih-Juan, 2007). It is widely agreeable among different social communities and educators that educational practices need to prepare students to flourish in the dynamic technological world, as it has gained acceptance. Hence, teachers are required to embrace technology and be willing to familiarize themselves with it. This will not only boost their confidence but also improve their teaching experiences as when applied effectively, technology enhances student learning, promotes shared learning and motivates them to seek more knowledge outside the classroom (Hubbel et al., 2012). In a bid to encourage teachers to familiarize themselves with technology advances in the classroom, various learning institutions have asked teachers to view them as a means of further developing themselves professionally. thus, this will advance their skills and knowledge. On the other hand, the learning institutions need to avail the necessary technologies to the teachers and ensure they are up-to-date whilst making their teaching schedules flexible enough for them to take the time to learn (Lih-Juan, 2007). Teaching tools that have come up due to advances in technology As aforementioned, there are the basic teaching tools that have been incorporated: the internet, LCD projectors, smart boards, document cameras and digital cameras. The internet is obviously the most widely used. teachers use it to access Web-based resources. The others offer visual assistance in the classrooms, which is the key in deepening understanding. The LCD projector is mounted in classrooms, for teachers to deliver Power Point presentations, share videos and other activities. moreover, it allows information from a single computer to be usable in a large group setting. Over time, this has proven to be the method that makes students of this generation responsive. The document camera has replaced the old overhead projectors and works hand in hand with the LCD projector. It enables teachers to magnify images and texts from diagrams, charts and textbooks for a better view by the students. The smart board enables charts, templates and diagrams to be rearranged, students can participate actively in the lesson and at the end, and it can be printed out as handouts for them.

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