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Even though we are a democracy, we are not an educated democracy. Americans are finding out that we need to use all of our resources to keep our country on top and women make up over half of the population. Women have and are becoming incredibly powerful leaders and have proved to be strong leaders in congress and other political offices. It is the American women president’s intention to support and influence the nation’s political agenda by promoting strong women candidates for political office

The idea that a woman could put together a successful bid for the Presidency of the United States is gaining momentum and will lead to a female president in the next 10 years. The movement is building on what many consider to be extremely successful attempts, particularly within the last decade. The public’s opinion has changed significantly from 50 years ago, when only 52% of Americans would have voted for a woman nominated by their party, if the woman was qualified, as compared to a 92% affirmative response today. ( why is there such a dramatic shift in opinion Could the shift in opinion be related to the public’s perception of what makes a great President How do current presidential hopefuls stand up to these perceptions and what should they do to make themselves viable candidates in the eye of the voting public The answers may lie in the personality traits of former Presidents, who may be considered by many to be great, or in other words, considered to be most influential and effective while in office. different media channels such as political talk and radio shows, news print, internet and political magazines American women president have helped the women candidates receive more positive attention by guiding them to portray a more positive image to the publics. American women president will use these channels of distribution to educate the American people and influence the polls thus in the next ten years we will have a woman president.

Women Less Likely Than Men to Run For Political Office

Women may not be as successful as men in some aspects. however, the way women have advanced in today’s world has shown us that women are an important part. Women’s status in society has increased with time, but throughout sports, religion, as well as government, males still lead the way.

Fewer women run for president than men, because even though the American society has over come its traditional thinking that females should stay at home, they still think that women are not good decision makers nether can they make strong decision like war or other such necessary things. Women themselves know that at times they will have to make be decisions against their nature. For example they may have to order to kill someone to keep trade secrets and women cannot have that much ruthless in her.

Apart from this women are not as power hungry or authoritative as male’s are and thus their desire for the presidential office is much less then that of males (Tumulty p 3)


Thus it can be said that in the near future the US will have a female president, and people will whole heartedly accept her.

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