Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Effects of Using Subliminal and Supraliminal Evaluative Conditioning as a Method to Reduce Prejudice.

And the subliminal evaluative conditioning is more efficient. The idea is to part all the participants into two groups A and B, in each of the group A and B, divide them into one control group and one study group, during the experiment, display the test materials in different frequency. The dependent variables in this experiment is the measure of prejudice, and the independent variables in this experiment is whether subliminal or supraliminal. Introduction Prejudice is considered to be a psychological behavior affecting many people all over the world. Persons with this personality behavior tend to make judgment or assumptions about other people without a clear concept of their assumptions (Baeyens et al, 1988). In order to curb this menace, there are a number of evaluative conditionings that are used as methods of reducing prejudice. In the current paper, the research will focus on subliminal and supraliminal evaluative conditioning and assert whether both or either of them can be an effective way of reducing prejudice. General question How effective is subliminal and supraliminal evaluative conditioning in reducing prejudice? Hypothesis Subliminal and supraliminal evaluative conditioning will reduce prejudice Literature review Many studies have been carried out in order to investigate effective evaluative conditioning methods that can be used to reduce prejudice. …

For example, in a work place, some people may use all means to avoid those people that they don’t like. Others would vote in their preferred politician based own whether they like their manifestos or no (Baeyens et al, 1988)t. All these constitute emotional responses based on judgments and memories of events, activities and individuals. Although some prejudice behaviors are said to be genetically determined, some studies have proved that prejudice can be influenced and the behavior changed. In this regard, the issue of evaluative conditioning comes in. In particular, evaluative conditioning refers to formation of an attitude towards an object in regard to whether that particular object reflects positively or negatively valence stimuli. In order to effectively analyze effectiveness of subliminal and supraliminal evaluative conditioning, it is important to focus on social psychology theory on attitude formation (Baeyens et al, 1988). On evaluation conditioning theory, evaluative conditioning is considered to occur when an attitude towards stimuli forms due to that object’s paring with either positively or negatively valenced stimuli. When this happens, it is most likely that this can affect evaluation of the object (De Houwer, 2001). In order to effectively reduce prejudice, this paper predicts that subliminal would emerge to more effective than supraliminal. Subliminal has two notions that clearly explain a phenomenon. One of them is subliminal perception. This explains the idea that human behavior is driven by unconscious perception which makes many people uncomfortable. The other notion is subliminal persuasive. This refers to the subliminal presentation of stimuli by people who deliberately try to sway other people’s behavior.

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