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The company recognizes the different market segments that it can cater to and it is this reason that it has undertaken the effort to publish a wide variety of books. books for kindergarten up to books required for professional purposes targeting not only students of all age groups but also teachers. With services such as e-books, online tutoring, subscription and customized course websites, the company aims to keep its target market intact while having an edge over its competitors.

The McGraw Hill Company is not only confined to its educational wing. It also provides broadcasting and financial and business services. The financial wing of McGraw Hill Company i.e. Standard &amp. Poor specializes in providing investment research and credit ratings. The data and investment analysis aids many financial analysts around the world in decision making.

The McGraw Hill Information and Media Group specialize in providing business intelligence and business solutions to facilitate business decision making. BusinessWeek which is known for providing insight into multinational companies is one product of the Information and Media Group. The J.D. Power and Associates is known for global marketing and information services.

With operations in almost all major parts of the world such as Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Canada and U.S., the company aims to cap…

It is such alliances and ventures that allow the company to have a global presence.

It is the ability of The McGraw Hill Company to adequately identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that allow the company to remain successful in this competitive environment. Since the company is able to take advantage of its presence in virtually all the major world markets, it is well equipped to fight any competition.

In order to maintain its market share and remain a dominant player in the publishing market, the company aims to take a number of steps. It hopes to achieve high growth rates while maintaining the quality of its products and services. Since the company realizes that education plays a vital role in improving the wellbeing of the population, it uses its educational wing as a tool for spreading knowledge as well as making profits while providing benefit to all those who seek knowledge.

The company plans to introduce new innovative and modern learning techniques that will not only make education enjoyable to the readers but also easy to use and understand. This way the company will first, be able to engage students and second beat the market by launching products that other companies are still aspiring to produce.

This way not only will the company benefit in terms of profits but it will raise the benchmarks in the publishing sector encouraging other companies to come up with similar competitive products for the benefit of the customers. However this as always will help McGraw Hill Publishing Company in maintaining its position as the market leader.

The future for the company will seem bright if the government is also able to extend its support to the publishing sector.

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