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And we’ve mentioned this entire thing, but haven’t said anything about the mental and health side of such babies. (East &amp. Felice, 1996)

It is more likely that a child would have a mental disorder or some physical defect and so on. Well, teen’s pregnancy and then parenthood is a significant problem of modern society. It has an impact on the success in career of the teen mothers but they are considered a burden to the rest of the nation, because they need social help and also the help of the parents of these extremely young mothers in bearing the child. It is in case the mother chooses to leave a baby to herself, but another way out for them is quite widespread – they just give the child to an orphan-asylum. There is an opinion that a significant reason of this problem is the older men who have sex with young girls. But this has no proof yet, because too little study was made on the topic. (East &amp. Felice, 1996)

Nowadays a tendency to declining of birth rate amongst teens is observed and this is due to increase of condom use and to abstinence. Many sexually active teenagers use double contraceptive: condoms with birth control pills. Also delay in having a sex plays a great role in teens’ birth control. But the government and teachers all over the country is against the policy of promoting the contraceptives and think that the only right and suitable policy is promoting of abstinence. Following this policy teachers should promote the delay of sexual life beginning, and should declare on the lessons that premarital sex leads not only to unintended pregnancy but also to the S.T.D. (Rodriguez &amp. Moore, 1995) But on the other hand, experts are against such teaching behavior, saying that it is wrong approach to protect teens and that they wouldn’t follow this advice. The problem is that there are always teenagers who would not listen to it and wouldn’t remain abstinent. In this case a promotion of contraceptives is necessary as a way of avoiding pregnancy and different diseases. If a youngster will hear only about abstinence or only the negative information about sex and contraceptives he is more likely not to use any protection at all. (Rodriguez &amp. Moore, 1995)

There was one American study which has shown that the teens who had promised not to have a sex until marriage and then had broken the promise and have unprotected sex and then become pregnant. The paradox is that those who don’t declare virginity stay virgin much longer than those who do promise it. There is also another opinion that promoting abstinence and contraceptives at the same time is mixed information. Because this confuses the teens and the do not understand the attitude of the society to this sphere of life: they should do it with protection or they shouldn’t do it at all. (Bissell, 2000, p. 191)

One more thing is that teen girls can’t define sex appropriately: the think oral and anal sex is OK if they couldn’t become pregnant this way, and consider themselves virgins as they don’t have a vaginal sex. So the meanings are very chaotic. (Bissell, 2000, p.

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