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As the report declares VC operates a participative style of management with formality. rules and regulation are kept to a minimum. Company operates on meritocracy with proper polices for career advancement, rewards, and performance appraisal system. Company pursue multi-skilling policy and emphasized on flexibility and skills rather than job descriptions. Now VC commenced the building of new production and distribution facility in Turkey due to low labour cost and to cover markets like Eastern Europe and Middle East. The CEO of the company Mr. Mike Ansell suggesting Helen Reeves, who has been appointed as Head of Turkish operations, that she should pursue the same organizational and people management system and practices which has been successful till now. Another fellow Tony Rossini, head of HR in VC HQ is performing a review to assess the present expatriate management system by conducting e-mail surveys to previous and current expatriates to determine the issues and problems and identified certain issues.

This paper stresses that managers at the beginning of the twenty first century are faced with the reality of globalization. Managers must be conscious that markets, supplies, investors, locations, partners, competitors and so on can exists anywhere in the world. Successful managers in this environment need to understand the similarities and difference across national boundaries in order to exploit the opportunities and deal with the threats. The organizations effectiveness will increase to the extent that managers understand the factors influencing behaivour. An international firms performance is likely to enhanced when systems are in place that are congruent with the various influences that determine behaviours. While it is clearly impossible to understand all of the factors influencing behaviours, national cultures and values appear to be an important starting point. Culture is one of the important factors, which influences immensely.

Discussion: “Culture can be referred to a shared, commonly held body of general beliefs and values that define what is right for our group (Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck, 1961: Lane &amp. Distefano, 1988) or to socially elitist concepts including refinement of mind, tastes and manners (Heller, 1988). Different definitions of culture shows that culture is learned, shared, compelling, interrelated set and provides orientation to people. Culture is so fundamental to society that it influences people’s behaviours in critical ways. Effective management depends, at least in part, on ensuring that people behave in ways that are appropriate for the organization. So understanding culture is important for managers to achieve desired behaviour and results. Values are useful in explaining and understanding cultural similarities and differences in behaviour. thus understanding values and their cultural basis in helpful to international managers (Punnett, 2004). Values establish the standards by which the importance of everything in society is judged. Similarly needs, attitude and norms decides specific behaviour patterns of individual’s or groups.

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