Write a 3 page essay on Strategic hr management.

Taking the strategic approach to HRM obligates one to manage the practices of personnel management and focus more on the operational issues. The HRM team focuses on building a strong corporate culture that translate the company’s objectives into a specific and easy strategy (Mello 2011, p156). To support the needs of the General Electric, the newly hired HR professionals attended Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) (Mello 2011, 157). The main purpose of this conference was to equip the newly hired HR professional with adequate skills that would help the company achieve its set goals and objectives. Based on this analysis, it is evident that taking a strategic to Human Resource Management involves focusing on strategic issues affecting the company. It obliges one to have adequate skills to fully understand how to foster effective leadership that augment growth and increases productivity. Training is important as it helps HRs to handle strategic issues effectively that affect the company. 2. Explain the 4 roles that characterize strategic H.R.M. in terms of what it delivers to its internal customers. First, a HR should become a partner in strategy execution. He should be responsible for the organizational structure and its culture. To ensure that the organization is growing at a high rate, the HR should conduct an organizational audit to assist managers identify areas that need improvement and change (Mello 2011, p158). Secondly, it is the responsibility of the HR to identify methods for renovating success in the organization. In this case, a strategic H.R.M ensures that the organization operates effectively and delivers quality products and services to its internal customers. Thirdly, the strategic role of H.RM should be to strengthen the employee and employer relationship. Human resources managers should formulate a workforce strategy that highlights the organizational goals that need to be met (Fegley &amp. Society for Human Resource Management (U.S.), 2006).&nbsp. Lastly, it is important to create a work environment that is free from hazards. The strategic development of the workplace safety obliges the need to conduct risk management and mitigate potential losses that may emerge in the workplace. The H.R.M. should work hard to increase employees’ satisfaction as this directly affects how they relate with clients. Satisfied and competent employees always look forward to serve clients with passion. Therefore, it is paramount for the H.R.M. to build a strong workforce that understands the importance of meeting customers’ needs. In this context, it is vital to create a strong corporate culture that focuses on the importance of satisfying internal customers. The H.R.M. should look forward to convert its first time clients to frequent and potential clients. This should motivate employees to work hard and give out the best services that attract a wide number of clients. It should lay a strong foundation for employees to achieve the set goals and objectives. 3. Name and describe each of the 4 roles HR must play in a knowledge-based economy in order to build strategic credibility. A HR must be a relationship builder.

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