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This write up is an analytical paper focusing on the rape or sexual abuse as “any non-consensual sexual penetration of an adolescent or an adult obtained by physical force, by threat of bodily harm, or when the victim is incapable of giving consent by virtue of mental illness, mental retardation, or intoxication.” Hunter claimed that children who were exposed to sexual advances display symptoms of depression, trauma, stress, and the difficulty to cope with the reality compared to men. However, the effects of sexual abuse vary because of individual differences, culture, and relationships. Moreover, 5 out of 10 children who were sexually abused suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The signs of PTSD, occurring after a victim survives a traumatic ordeal, can include depression, deterioration in the victim’s social ties, and abnormal sexual behaviors. This explains the sexual promiscuity seen in the case of Sandra, a victim of child sexual abuse, who admitted to having sexual relations with numerous male partners. Furthermore, Bagley, in his studies on long-term effects of rape on young girls, reported that victims were affected more by what significant others say about them. Indeed, Sandra was excited about her responsibility to her child. The positive feedback that she would get from her significant others for her child-rearing was good for her sense of self. The rehabilitation of sexually assaulted children begins in school through special support groups that facilitate an open and loving atmosphere. (Williams &amp. Sommers, 1992). The support groups will involve teachers, guidance counselors, volunteers, and advocates. In any case, Sorsoli, Kia-Keating, and Grossman (2008) stated that it is important that the victim fully discloses so that interventions are given, and it enabled the release of pent-up emotions that the victim has suffered all throughout. For both genders, it is important to inject gender socialization in the treatments given to them, as well. These related studies on emotional catharsis will attest to the effectivity of the psychotherapeutic process. Suffice to say, Sandra would feel better when she will be given the chance to talk about her ordeal, her thoughts, and her feelings about it. In any event, her full recovery is a process that is long and arduous. Art, as a tool in psychotherapy, can also help children who were sexually abused. For instance, by drawing pictures, victims can project their thoughts and emotions (Murphy, 2001, p. 23). The positive psychological effects that victims feel, when they are given the opportunity to open up, is undeniable. Ethical, Cultural, and Legal Issues Related to Sandra’s Treatment The treatment of sexual trauma to Sandra is a sensitive thing to discuss due to various ethical, cultural, and legal reasons. There is a concern on how rape cases are assessed themselves. The challenge is in verifying if the reported sexual assault meets the criteria of rape (Wyatt, 2007). Wyatt (2007) further cited, of 576 reports of alleged child sexual abuse in Denver, 132 were false.

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