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In addition, moral Universalists hold that once a certain behavior or conduct is seen to be wrong in a particular community or environment, the same will apply to other communities and environments regardless of circumstances in those environments. According to Gert, the theory of moral universalism has been of great essence in determination of international human rights and certain laws governing ethical conduct. For instance, the United Nations while in Geneva Convention of 1948 settled upon the needs for fair treatment of war prisoners. Moral universalism dictates that human beings have certain special rights whose breaching qualifies for immorality (Gert). Moral universalism operates under the notion that moral assessment of persons and their conducts of social governance should base on basic doctrines that not in any way discriminate against other people in the society. Moral Universalists further argue that freedom to exercise self-desires and wills constitute the basic elements of morality in the societies. Protagonists of moral universalism insist that any morally wrong behavior or accomplishment of by an individual is always within that person’s control and authority as it were before the accomplishment. Immanuel Kant and theory of Moral Universalism Kant investigates that universal moral requirements base on the standard rationality known as the categorical imperative (CI). Kant defines immorality as any circumstantial violation of categorical imperative and therefore qualifies to be irrational. Kant presentation of moral universalism intends to impact particular sense of self-respect and respect to the other human beings. According to Johnson, a moral individual has the right to make viable judgments and decisions that do not defile anyone’s freedom within the surrounding. The moral judgment arrived at by an individual should be that which any morally sane, sober, normal and reasonable adult will confer with. Kant further argues that moral universalism with rational wills acquaints individuals with autonomy. Kant argues that in order to achieve ethical sanity in our environment, the rational moral values should be determined first before any other attempt. Kant’s theory of moral universalism dictates that development of appropriate ethical values lies on the basic factors of analysis of concepts like goodwill, obligation and logical relation. Kant’s theory of moral universalism has been used to investigate behaviors of individuals in line with moral requirements (Johnson). The good will component of morality that depends upon the common sense of an individual assists particular persons in making viable moral decision that are in conformity with the laws of morality. The idea of good will in the Kant’s theory of moral universalism leads people into performing their exact outstanding moral duties and responsibilities without unnecessary breach of other peoples’ dignity. The idea of good will has been used by many personalities in executing their exact basic and righteous duties without considering other external factors.

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