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In their paper, these writers have tried to bring out the applications in context of community stakeholders who are those parties responsible for drawing from the natural resources to deal with consumer pressure and governmental regulations. These applications define how participation of people and strategic partnerships can help deploy the natural resources in keeping with the scarce nature of these resources, so as to ensure effective and optimum utilization with minimum depletion apart from coming up with techniques for gradual restoration in qualitative and quantitative terms.

The paper explores and examines challenges and lessons learned from the implementation of community based natural resources management programmes various areas apart from being largely on primary data, with some secondary data sources. Further, the writers have drawn on various frameworks that have the potential to promote rural socio-economic development and natural resources management.

Among the key factors identified as pivotal to the success of these frameworks and applications is broadening the consultation base during the mobilization phase of the programmes to facilitate effective community participation and representation. Preparedness by both the implementing institutions and participating communities is also highlighted as key to effective mobilization. This means moving away from a conventional consultative forum, to a more multi-faceted approach that will facilitate capturing the views of diverse user groups within the community.

This paper lacks clarity where compliance strategies for various organizations – especially the privately owned one – are concerned. How do these applications plan of substituting the preparedness for these laws with a measure of deliberation where natural resources are concerned’ The paper needs to accommodate the addressal of such issues where the role of each individual is concerned at a level where goals and the achievement of same as well as strategic implications for organization planning need to be taken into account. Further, as far as strategic elements of the applications are concerned, the paper needs to address the rights as far as partnership patterns in particular areas go.

While the paper goes ahead to suggest that feasibility studies are required to address the above mentioned issues in terms of socio-economic, political and cultural characteristics inherent in communities to guide programme implementation, it has been recognized that these factors also go a long way in formulating an ethical approach to the research model used for such topics. In order to achieve increased community participation in order to enhance positive conservation attitudes, the paper discusses how a mobilization approach and practice will go ahead to facilitate the process and render it more effective at the end of the day.

As far as research goes, this paper shows the merits and demerits of segmentation with a focus on the fundamental concepts of sociology.

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