Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic The use of strategic operations management & innovation principles in Apple inc.

Furthermore, what Brown and his colleagues try to emphasise from their definition of operations management is that the activities involved in it are actually different forms of operations that take place in the whole operation of the organisation. For instance, marketing activities deal with understanding not just the company or industry but there is a need to substantially consider the entire market. Such leads further to consideration of the price, products, promotion and place. These are not the concerned of the production department but it is there concern to get information from the marketing department in order to come up with products that the market requires. In the same way, product innovations for instance is not the concern of the accounting department but they only coordinate with the marketing department and production department in order to essentially address the need of the operation to substantially flow effectively and efficiently. As it can be observed, the three departments involved different nature of operation from the other but when they are combined together as entire activity. there is a definite outcome or one whole flow of activities which defined the organisation’s whole operation. This has to be managed accordingly and such leads to operations management. However, in today’s time when competition is everywhere and becoming fiercely complex, an organisation needs to actually come up with strategy in order to be competitive enough. Thus, here comes the need for strategic operations management. There is a need to use strategy in order to achieve the ultimate goals an organisation has set to be achieved (Brown, Lamming, Bessant, &amp. Jones, 2005). This paper tries to critically review Apple Incorporated on its operation management. Specifically, the proponent tries to include the following. Critical review of the organisation’s Strategic Operations Management activities from manufacturing, service &amp. administrative perspectives. Critical assessment of the organisation’s global capability &amp. evidence of competitive advantage in their products &amp. services in terms of design, planning, implementation of operations, etc. Critical review of information &amp. their relative value to enhancing competitive advantage. Strategic Operations Management of Apple Incorporated Let us try to take a look at the strategic operations management of Apple Incorporated from manufacturing perspective. Product quality is so far the most obvious reason why until at present, Apple is renowned for its top-priced products for ipods, laptop computers and other line of products. Apple has concisely presented its financial performance and this is properly justified by different factors which of course include manufacturing considerations (Apple Incorporated, 2011). It has substantially stated that there is a wide range of importance that it has to take into account on product innovation strategy while trying to remain its competitive advantage on product quality and uniqueness.

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