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Employees being a part of UNEP’s prosperity have been mentioned on several occasions. Not much will be mentioned without addressing the organizational theories that have been applied in UNEP since it came into existence. It is easy to understand managerial theories, and identify how they are applied in daily operation of UNEP. UNEP is a thriving organization with so many achievements that have seen the environment being conserved and sustainable development achieved. The information has been gathered from the UNEP website, its documentaries, and from textbooks with relevant information on organization theories and environmental issues. Introduction and Background of the Organization (UNEP) It was until after the UN Conference concerning the Human Environment of 1972 that UNEP was established. The Conference took place in Stockholm, Sweden, and suggested the initiation of a global body to serve as the UN’s environmental conscience system. The UN General Assembly responded by adopting Resolution 2997, which created the following: The UNEP Secretariat, whose headquarters was placed in Nairobi, Kenya, to offer a central point for environmental coordination and activities in the UN system, led by an Executive Director, ranked as the UN Under-Secretary-General. UNEP Governing Council, which comprised of 58 countries designated for four-year terms by the General Assembly of the UN. This was accorded the task of reviewing the state of the global environment, creating UNEP’S programme precedence, and budget approval. A voluntary Environment Fund was also set up to finance the initiatives of the organization, to be complemented by trust funds and money assigned by the regular budget of the UN. From 1972 down to the 1990s, global governments had declared their pledges to the sustainable development principles. In May 2000, the first Worldwide Ministerial Environment Forum was convened by UNEP in Malmo, Sweden. The forum’s main aim was to send a strong note to the UN General Assembly meant to revisit the sustainable development discussion at the millennium meeting in September 2000. Although the millennium presented many opportunities to UNEP, several challenges also came up. In 2005, the organization’s task was further strengthened when the UNEP Governing Council endorsed the Ball Strategic Plan to apply capacity development and technology support programmes nationally. The critical final years of the world’s commitment to meet the Millennium Development Goals will ensure that UNEP goes on providing vital information, practical support, and policy advice to the UN member nations as they collectively work to achieve UN Charter’s promise of a globe of social progress and better living conditions in a wider freedom. UNEP as an organization concerned with environmental matters is large enough to look into the issues at a global point of view. Its Governing Council meets this task appropriately by reporting to the UN General assembly via the Social and Economic Council.

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