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In teams people work together, attempting to maximize each team member’s special talents, thereby minimizing gaps in knowledge and skills. CURRENT STUDY In the current study, the group supervisor/ leader type is ESFP. The ESFP, i.e. me, is a salesperson manager at the Qatar National Bank (QNB). The team/group that I am leading as a supervisor is termed as the ESTJ. ESFP’s are energetic and highly enthusiastic leaders. Talking about ESFPs Myers (1993) is quoted as saying, “They live in the present moment and extract every joy they can get from it, whether it is in case of interacting with people or animals, activities or world around them, etc.” (p.17) At their best ESFPs are excellent team players, motivated to get the task done with a maximum amount of fun and a minimum amount of fuss. This is just the way I, being a leader, am. As an ESFP I am interested in people and new experiences. Because I learn more from practical tasks rather than from studying or reading, I tend to plunge into things, learning along as I go. Being a supervisor I appreciate my possessions and take pleasure in them. Generally, ESFPs make decisions by using their personal values. Therefore, I also use my internal Feeling of judgment to make decisions by identifying and empathizing with others. I am good at interpersonal interactions and often play the role of peacemaker. (Myers, 1993) When looking at a larger perspective, ESTJ teams have impulsively energetic environments. This is similar to the team working under me. As ESFP leaders lead teams in a comfortable way because of their dominant feeling I feel very comfortable in controlling my ESTJ team. As an ESFP leader I look for practical solutions. Being a leader I am quick enough to analyze the current requirements and then assess what is coming just next. It is convenient for me to it blended with my ESTJ team’s clear performance expectations. My EDTJ team is good at achieving practical results, and keeping the core issue in sight. This strengthens the overall team performance of my ESTJ team and also our supervisor/team relationship. This, in turn, helps to achieve the sales targets for QNB. Communication may be more flexible and interactive beneficial for both the supervisor, i.e. me, and the team as on one hand ESFPs can easily be distracted by any new piece/s of information and on the other ESTJ teams reject new ideas and are not inclined to accept new trends. This results in a more focused communication that assists in decision making process as well. The above scenario may lead to negligence of important facts, thus, resulting in failure to consider important stakeholders. This indicates a possible blind spot in case of failure to achieve the desired results. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Team Report (1994) states, “Type theory predicts that when teams solve problems, they tend to rely on their favorite preferences more than on the others. ESTJ team’s problem-solving process may, therefore, look something like this: Thinking first, Sensing next then Intuition and Feeling least.

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