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Globalization is obviously one of the major problems of modern humanity. On the one hand it is a locomotive of nations’ development though on the other hand globalization results in collision of cultures, mentalities and traditions that serve the anthropological fundament of humanity. Also globalization implicates all people, nations and the world as a whole its effects are most profound in the countries that constitute the so-called “First World”.

The people of the First World live in the most susceptible to global changes world characterized by transnational flows of money, information, ideas and people. As a result, the nations of the First World seem to be most opened to global changes. Also this common definition has been historically applied to addresses the non-communist nations, now the concept serves division of the nations according to the state of their development and influence on society as a whole. Traditionally, the First World concept includes North American and Western Europe states, Japan, Australia and New Zealand and South African Republic. Nowadays the issue of First World as well seems to incorporate Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore (Glossary of Terms, 2005).

Profound effect of globalizations on the First World may be explained by growing liberalization of people, including liberalization of th…

t of globalizations on the First World may be explained by growing liberalization of people, including liberalization of thinking, as well as by growing concern with current problems and future of humanity. This deep concern may be illustrated with the idea of radical ecology movements that will be in focus of further analysis.

Observing Di Leo (2001), no single account has adequately addressed the topic of globalization in all of its complexity, and no one discipline can serve its home. The concept of globalization is often analyzed from multiple angles among which economic, social, political and military seem to dominate. However, as globalization is before all an entire social phenomenon it should be analyzed from anthropological perspective.

Globalization processes embodying in convergence of cultures and mentalities through rapid spread of ideas, phenomena and processes have profound anthropological meaning. By this I mean alignment of nations’ cultures and mentalities, traditions and customs, habits and ways of behavior, fashions and styles, languages and patterns of thinking, yet, ideologies and outlooks (Rosaldo and Inda, 2002). The alignment of these matters in a global scale has been dramatically catalyzed by globalization.

These effects of globalization have become especially visible in the First World. The nations of the First World lead in economy, technologies and in influence on the other states. In the other words, these nations determine both globalization and its direction. Respectively, its effect on the First World is most profound. There are multiple examples to prove this thesis, i.e.

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