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Every company is aiming for results and to be way ahead of its competitors. The company’s goal upon buying contact management software is to efficiently manage large number of contact information as well as minimize cost by starting-up with low operations and training costs.

Two of the top selling contact management software companies are ACT! by Sage Software Inc., and GoldMine Software UK. Over the years, it has always been an argument as to which company provides better products. These two companies have long been tough rivals in the contact management software world.

Sage software has been developing automated support in business management for over 25 years. With a wide range of front office and back office solutions including accounting, human resources, payroll, fixed asset management, customer relationship management, and e-commerce software – Sage Software offers award-winning products and services that have revolutionized the way small and mid-sized companies do business in today’s marketplace. (Company overview) Sage software is catering to the small scale business establishments with 25 employees or fewer and medium scale business establishments with over 500 employees in North America.

Act! By Sage is the contact management solutions software which the Sage Compa…

These are: Act!, which caters to companies with 1-10 users, Act! Premium for Work Groups, which provides for companies with 5-50 users, Act! Premium for Web, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, ACT! for Palm OS and ACT! Link for Use with QuickBooks. Its latest version for ACT! Contact management is ACT! By Sage Version 8.0 which was launched in Manchester last December 13, 2005 (Onsite Marketing Solution). This version allows the company to use its built-in sales process system or customize its own system to track down, monitor and maintain the customer relationship and communication as well as the accuracy of sales forecasting and trends. With the use of this system, companies can analyze the trends of sale and profile of their customers thus, making it easy for them to plan an effective marketing and sale campaign.

Through this system, communications from customers such as mail shots, letters and meetings are easily tracked down.

GoldMine Software Corp.

GoldMine Software company is a private company founded in 1989 by president Elan Susser and executive vice president Jon V. Ferrara. (Schupbach et al, 1999) The company was first known to be Elan Software but sometime later, the company changed its name to GoldMine Software and then after a merger with Ben Data, which owned the HEAT products, ultimately became FrontRange Solutions. (2003)

The first ever designed software for GoldMine was Business Contact Manager. This software is designed for Insurance, Legal Services, Real Estate, Engineering, Government or other leading professions of small scale and medium scale business firms and the mid-market.

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