The Mid Term consists of 10 short answer questions.  Submit answers and Case Study in a word document.

1) Identify the products of the SDLC phases.

2) Identify the most common criteria for choosing off-the-shelf software. Which two criteria would be among the most important?

3) Define project planning. Identify ten project planning activities.

4) Using any business as an example, provide one example each for its organizational locations, units, functions, processes, and information systems.

5) Describe the differences between tangible and intangible benefits and costs, and between one-time and recurring benefits and costs. 

6) Briefly identify and discuss four types of documents that would be helpful in determining future system requirements.

7) Discuss the guidelines for drawing a DFD.

8) Define the following key data modeling terms: entity, attribute, relationship, degree, cardinality, and associative entity.

9) Discuss unary, binary, and ternary relationships. Provide an example of each.

10) Contrast data modeling to process modeling and logic modeling.

Case Study

A University is holding an annual fund raising event.  Once a year, the fund-raising office at the University mails requests for donations to the alumni. The staff uses a word processing program and a personal information database to create personalized letters. Data on past contributions and other alumni information, however, is stored manually. The administrative staff recently submitted a systems request asking the University IT department to develop a computerized alumni information system. The University does not have a formal systems review committee, and each department has an individual budget for information services.

            As the residential systems analyst you have performed a preliminary investigation and concluded that the system met all the feasibility tests. After reading your report, the staff asks you to proceed with the systems analysis modeling phase. You have scheduled an interview with the administrative staff, what should you do to prepare for the interview?  Specifically, what topics should be discussed?  Can you list all the topics you should cover during the interview? Are you prepared to begin to obtain the required information to begin the next step of the process in moving forward with the systems analysis phase? 

The Case Study should include the following:

APA Title Page

• Running Headers on all pages    

• Margins 1” (top, bottom, left, right)

• Font: Times Roman, 12 Pt.      

• Double Spaced

• All sources used in your paper must be cited. 

• Minimum requirement of 1 page (this does not include title or reference pages).         

3 research citations for the Case Study

• APA Reference Page at the end of Case Study

Question 1The Software Development Life Cycle is a process that results to creation of various productswhich include a software, software engineering, altering information systems, models and…

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