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The steel industry believes that it plays an important work that sustains communities and economies (“Key Facts about the World Steel Industry”). Work is important in the steel industry because it has a fundamental contribution to the formal economy, the formation of identity, and the development of self-worth and well-being. The steel industry finds work as critical to human existence because it values its own work’s impact on world economies. The practitioners of the steel industry are concerned with sustainable steel production because steel is used to make numerous important products. Steel is needed in “renewable energy infrastructure, machinery and equipment, defense, transportation and infrastructure,” among others (“Steel Industry Key Facts”). Steel is the major material used in producing and delivering renewable energy, such as solar, tidal and wind energy (“Steel Industry Key Facts”). For steel companies, some of the main questions are finding ways to improve energy efficiency in making steel and creating sustainable steel. According to the World Steel Association, the industry constantly finds ways of improving manufacturing efficiency: “The steel industry globally spends more than €12 billion annually on improving the manufacturing process, new product development and future breakthrough technology” (“Steel Industry Key Facts”). At the same time, the steel sector wants new products and technologies to support its growth. Tata Steel pursues a vision that is based on innovation and excellence, where it seeks “to be the world’s steel industry benchmark through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and overall conduct” (“Company Profile”). Professionals are then asking questions, such as: How can steel be recycled more? How can steel production efficiency be increased? What are some steel products that can cater to emerging industrial and consumer needs? These questions assert that the work of the steel industry focuses on a sustainable life cycle, so that win-win solutions to environmental and market issues are attained. The steel industry defines work as critical to human connectedness and economy because of its contribution to communities and national economies. The World Steel Association provides numerous statistics on the role of steel in the international economy. The steel industry is one of the largest employers in the world: “The industry directly employs about more than two million people worldwide, with a further two million contractors and four million people in the supporting industries” (“Key facts”). The industry supports the idea of being employed in the formal economy. Employment in the formal economy is essential because it offers a means for having a meaningful life, where a meaningful life has goals and ways of attaining them (Ciulla 6). Furthermore, the steel industry supports the production of other industries.

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