Write 5 page essay on the topic Behavior Modification.

This essay discusses that In the 4 days of trying to change the behavior, I set my mind to stop thinking about her every passing hour and stopping associating her with either exciting activities of loneliness. Whenever I could spend a whole hour without thinking about her, I would give myself a positive check, and when I attained 7 positive checks, then I would buy myself a ticket to the theater to watch some performances. Whenever I could not stop thinking about her for at least 8 hours, then there was no going to the theater in the evening, which is my most favorite pastime activity. Therefore, the reinforcement of the behavior entailed both positive reinforces, as a reward for achieving the targeted behavior, and negative enforces, as a punishment for failing to stop thinking about her frequently.However, having missed attending the theater for two consecutive days, I managed to spend 7 cumulative hours the third day without thinking about her, during which I bought a ticket and attended the theater. This motivated me to do the same for the fourth day, during which I also maintained 7 cumulative hours. The only thing that motivated me to reinforce the behavioral change is taking a punishment involving my most favorite pastime activity. attending the theater, which gave me more discipline to adopt the behavioral change. However, the greatest challenge that hindered me from effectively adopting the behavioral change is the coming of visitors, who always made me think about her, any moment they visited….

The unconditioned stimulus which was initially the good perfume scent has now created a conditioned response, which is finding her attractive. From the 4 day experimentation that I have undertaken, I have realized that I think about her more than 10 times in a day. The frequency of my mind going to Daisy is even higher, especially whenever I am associating with a group of people or when I am completely alone. When I am with a group of people, the different scent of their perfumes, whether it matches that of daisy or whether it is completely different always sends my mind to her. This indicates that her perfume, which acts as the stimulus in this case, has produced a behavior or response which is unconditioned (Krieger, 12). The stimulus produces the unconditioned response, because the response of thinking about her is not purely caused by her presence or the presence of her perfume, but the presence of others, who may have similar or even different perfumes. This indicates that the response is not elicited by a specific stimulus, but by associative stimulus. In the second case, where I think about her when I am alone, it is a case of lack of the stimulus that elicits the response. Thus, the stimulus is associated with location and occurrences, because I think about her more when I go to a beautiful restaurant, a party, an entertainment event, a wedding or a visit to a shopping mall, where there are many nice perfume scents, or when I am lonely or stressed up.

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