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It is the message that the company is indirectly conveying to the audience. Explicit Communication is in form of text which is the direct message of the company to the audience.

The first advertisement that I have chosen is of Burberry. It was printed on the 4th page, top right hand side of Gulf News, an English Language, glossy paper newspaper published in the Middle East. Gulf news is one of the leading newspapers of Middle East. The advertisement was a 27 centimeters length and 16.8 centimeters standard quarter page colour ad.

Advertisement Objective: From the general outlook of the ad, it can be safely concluded that the objective of this ad is to remind people. There is hardly any text on the ad because the target market is already aware of the brand. The only text on the ad is “Burberry established since 1856” which emphasizes on the significance of the brand and adds value due to its presence in the market as a market leader for over a century.

This ad primarily uses covert communication to appeal to its customers. The ad emphasizes the “attitude” and the “slight arrogance” elements which signify the quality of the brand as being up-class and expensive.

2. The high-class bold, outgoing business woman, portrayed by the model in the middle. …

Posture of the Models: The models are clad in Burberry apparel and wearing the same brand of shoes. This ad in particular focuses on the three types of clientele:

1. The working woman portrayed by the model on the immediate left, affluent and can afford to spend on clothing that is upbeat, smart yet comfortable.

2. The high-class bold, outgoing business woman, portrayed by the model in the middle. These are woman who have inherited, earned through business or acquired through wedlock a fortune which they can afford to spend on high quality clothing that they can carry in their day to day routine of attending functions, and parties and other such activities.

3. The dandy men who are conscious of what they wear.

All the models are wearing the same facial expressions that the brand signifies i.e. “attitude” and “slight Arrogance”

Explicit Communication:

This ad relies heavily on implicit communication rather than explicit. The only text on the ad is “Burberry-established since 1856”.This stresses on the historical value of the brand and stresses on the prestige value of the products.

In all it can be said that it is an effective ad, if not an exceptional one. It could have benefited from headlines and better placement of ad. But the real effectiveness of this ad can only be measured by the increase in sales after publishing of this ad or through a consumer survey of awareness levels.


This is a half page ad published on the inside back page of Khaleej Times. It is a 27 centimeters length and 33 centimeters width standard half page colour ad.

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