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Not at all times that will a plaintiff win over a defendant.&nbsp. There are defenses available to people accused of defamation.&nbsp. The most important defense is that he’ll be able to show the “truth” and has no malice in the issuance of statement.&nbsp. Another defense acknowledged in most courts or jurisdictions is “opinion”.&nbsp. If the person accounted an opinion that is different from the fact, the statement may not support a cause of action for defamation, usually, if the person who issued the statement is viewed by the community as being in a position to know whether or not it is true.&nbsp. &nbsp.To give a concrete example, let us look at the defamation lawsuit of “Friends” Harassment Lawsuit.&nbsp. The California Supreme Court threw out a sexual harassment case against the bosses of defunct TV hit Friends on April 20, 2006. The former studio assistant Amaani Lyle, alleged that raw sexual remarks during conversations she heard on set and during writer’s meeting could be construed as sexual harassment.&nbsp. The defendant won over the lawsuit for the justices noted that Lyle had been warned of the sexual content of Friends since it was an adult-oriented comic show featuring sexual themes.&nbsp. The climate within the writer’s meeting allowed creative freedoms and that trash talk was part of the creative process.&nbsp. Thus, the allegations revealed that there is no malicious intent or context against the plaintiff and the allegations….

this reflective account, I must recall the decision we undertook as a team, to contribute towards the presentation by always working through “general agreement” as to what be done, and fostering an environment in which everyone is encouraged to equally participate in evolving constructive ideas for the presentation. ‘Team work” is the central theme of our reflection. we also planned our proceedings in such a manner so as to a)divide our work equally and b)communicate between sessions. My role was well-anchored to evolving team needs, wherein I always took initiative to facilitate constructive dialogue, whenever needed.

Feelings: Any group interaction evokes a multitude of emotions in the team ranging from stress-induced behaviours such as tension, fatigue, etc. to problems resulting from clash of personalities, e.g. the opposing behaviour of any two members can lead to group discord, and general resentment. We knew these factors could affect the quality of our presentation output, so we stuck our guns to the previously-described group policy of constructive dialogue through team work, and incorporating viewpoints of all members in the team. The setting was very ideal for our partnership venture, there being no back-biting or hard feelings. Maybe this had something to do with the small size of our team. But, speaking overall, I was immensely satisfied with the course of development.

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