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(Don Fienley). It is a fact that there is actually a medical revolution as far as medical improvements are concerned, such as fertility treatment, cancer cures, cardiac care and AIDS management are some of them to mention, on the other hand, in the United States health care system often fails to deliver on the promise of science it employs (Spear S. 79). This paper will look at some of the possible errors in this field and their remedies to prevent harm and injuries to the public.

An earlier study showed that as many as 98000 people succumb to medication errors each ear in United States hospitals (Burke J). If this is the case of the health care conditions of country which leads the world in medical science, the situations in the third world can be beyond any calculations. Firstly, the medical errors include mistakes such as administering wrong dose, wrong drug or wrong time. Then, the eventualities such as misread prescription due to poor handwriting, mismanagement due to look-alike and sound-alike medicines and adverse drug reaction.

Broadly, every nation and governments have made every possible step to make sure that the health care professionals are typically intelligent lot. …

The hospitals and organizations are to integrate systems to improve primary care, nursing care, medication administration and a great lot of clinical processes. All this improvements will have a direct impact on the safety, quality, efficiency, reliability and timeliness of healthcare (Spear S. 79). Improvement and understanding will only take place when the gap between the health care system and the professionals working in it will narrow.

Communication Errors

It is common knowledge that poor communication will lead to adverse effect and results. Unless and until all in a team becomes completely sure of the situation that must be dwelt with and work that is to be completed and who are responsible for what aspect of work, moreover, the way it should be accomplished, the chances of error will always be there. When a problem arises in between a task the best way is for everyone to work closely around the problem. 80% of errors were initiated by miscommunication, including missed communication between physicians, missing information in medical records, mishandling of patient requests and messages, inaccessible records, mislabeled specimens, misfiled or missing charts, and inadequate reminder systems (Smith Peter).

Most of the communicative error will round up to one staff member’s failure to inform the other staff member of a patient’s condition or verbal instructions are misunderstood. Often, a subordinate is smart enough to identify the problem but bit nervous to mention it to the senior who may not give the deserved appreciation for the hard work.

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