Write a 8 page essay on Marketing Plan for Saigontourist travel services.

The “Marketing plan Saigontourist Travel Services” describes the way in which the service quality of the tourism industry will improve. Saigontourist is a renowned organisation which is observed to deliver continuous concentration over research and development initiatives in order to introduce innovative tour packages for its customers at frequent periodic intervals. It is worth mentioning that this might be considered as a major strength of the company which can facilitate the organisation to sustain in this fiercely competitive era of globalisation in the tourism industry. For this reason, it can introduce a travelling trip named ‘Cosy Viet’, including outstanding quality of services along with experienced consultants for its customers with the intention to provide them with highly satisfactory experience of travelling to all the implausible regions of Vietnam. It is in this context that the core product in terms of ‘Cosy Viet’ and similar other tour packages might assist Saigontourist to attain a higher level of customers’ satisfaction resulting in the overall augmentation of its profitability and its efficiency in relation to customer relationship management.

Saigontourist is a state-owned travelling enterprise which desires to attain the largest section of market share in the tourism industry of Vietnam. Therefore, the organisation has been observed to deliberately attempt towards enhancing its brand image by improving its eminence and characteristics of services offered to the target groups.

3. Moreover, the introduction of ‘Cosy Viet’ is also expected to enhance the brand equity of Saigontourist resulting in the overall improvement of its prosperity. Based on this aspect, Saigontourist can also offer the facility of a knowledge tour guide in order to offer value added services at an efficient cost to its customers. This might significantly help the customers of ‘Cosy Viet’ to attain an overall view about the culture, beauty, nature and history of Vietnam and its neighbouring areas such as Dalat-Nha Trang, Da Nang-Hue and others. This in turn is most likely to facilitate in enhancing the dependency and satisfaction level of the customers further resulting in the ascendancy of Saigontourist4. In ‘Cosy Viet’ package, the consumers can also be rendered with extra facilities namely couple passes for luxury cruise day outs, old war site touring packages, river cruising tours and trips for Indochina. Moreover, varied types of insurances can also be offered at a reasonable cost, in order to enhance customer gratification. Hence, it might facilitate Saigontourist to augment its brand value in the long run5. Price Pricing is the second most important aspect of marketing mix. In order to enhance the corporate image of Saigontourist, it shall be highly beneficial for the organisation to follow value-based pricing techniques, at the introduction stage of its new product, i.e.

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