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Kanel suggests that good listening skills and eye contact are what can create a positive situation for the client and help the client trust the counselor faster. Also, Kanel explains that active listening means that the counselor must observe the client while they are talking and be able to listen to the words that are being said. In other words, the counselor must be able to listen to the client and watch their body language as they are talking. In the case of Jill, the first order of business is to develop rapport with Jill so that she develops a level of trust. I would begin talking to her in a friendly matter in an attempt to get to know her before we move on to the problems. I would be asking her about her life as a nurse, what she feels she likes best about it and what she does not. I would ask her about hobbies and about what she likes to do on her day off. I would ask her if she has children, and if she does, I would ask her about her children and what they do in school. If she does not have children, I would ask her if she wanted children or if she and her husband chose not to have children. I would be listening for commonalities between what she says and things I can relate to her that I also do. I would also be listening for issues that come up about kids or whatever. I would be looking for ways to help her understand that this is a safe place for her to be and that she would be safe in this environment. Once I felt that rapport was established, I would ask her what brought her to counseling today. I would think that it is very important for her to voice exactly why she chose to come to counseling today. This is an important aspect of the process because she has to talk about what she needs to do. Secondly, I would want to ask her about the challenges about her husband and what happens when he becomes angry. One of the challenges to therapy can be that the client acts in the way they perceive the therapist wants them to act. Tandos and Stukas (2010) pointed out through their study that in building rapport, the therapist must not give preconceived ideas for the client that make them act in certain ways. I took this to mean that therapists must be open to their clients and to the ways in which their clients react to certain situations. In this way, the therapist encourages the client to act naturally instead of trying to act in a way they think the therapist expects them to act. I also think that it would be important for me to paraphrase what Jill says occasionally to make sure that I understand her correctly. This also allows her to understand that I am listening to her. I would also want to show Jill that I was empathetic to her situation. Kanel (2007) states that the way to do this is to reflect on what the client has said.

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