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Other men and women scientists spoke from firsthand experience about the difficulties encountered by women scientists in the past and the present. Participants responded to working papers describing the current state of research on each subject and to an evolving plan for discussion. (Gerhard, 1995) Throughout, the principal objective was to identify questions, ideas, theories, and methods, which might contribute to a new research agenda on the subject of women in science, most likely in biological sciences.

Biological sciences, today requires the contribution of modern women to think about the several critical aspects, which are never highlighted in such a manner, as they are highlighted today. Today’s women are well aware of those facts due to which the importance of women in the field of “biology” urges women to contribute. The main reason apart from the predominating world of men lies in different aspects relating to women psychology which leads women to think in umpteen ways of criticism, the inferiority complex men has developed within women throughout the nations and the rejection of women appearance in several fields in the past.

Today’s woman has faced criticism while stepping in Biological sciences in many ways, criticism can be considered from two points of view. (Gerhard, 1995) Criticism, as an activity intimation connected with the pursuit of biology, one that is rendered necessary by the fact that biology is a growing subject, and its growth is not a simple matter of accumulation, but involves frequent readjustment between theory and observation. Women have suffered to be illiterate in the beginning of that era which was governed by men’s superiority. Despite of the biological supremacy, which she possesses in the form of delivering not only an individual but also a personality, she has still suffered by not subjecting towards biological sciences.

Today’s women have understood all the crises for which she was not subjected to biology, so she is now passing a threshold beyond which gender no longer matters in determining career outcomes. Women biologists in this era are doing as well as their male counterparts. Among the younger women in the physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering, for example, the average academic status is almost one full rank below the men’s. A partial explanation may be that women have achieved a “critical mass” in biology, where they make up a higher percentage of the population than in physics or chemistry or in any other subject. In addition, the attitudes and behaviors of female and male biologists may have created an atmosphere that is more hospitable to women, thus shrinking the gender gap.

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