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The service marketing mix includes process, physical evidence, and people. When offering services instead of products, a company’s reputation, the process of delivering the service and what is promised, value for the money, and follow up. Other differences include the improbability of services not being able to be returned and a company’s service can be based on one particular sales representative.

Council (2006) which states “The relationship between the audience and the broadcaster can be very uneven yet good communications between the two are vital for the ongoing development of a truly relevant service. RT is committed to being open to its audience, welcoming all contact, listening to all views, and responding promptly and appropriately. To facilitate communication and to enhance accountability”

In order to provide quality services via services marketing, RTE must be aware of key macro economic environmental factors such as the climate in which the company conducts business. Regulations and policies set by the government. The economic environment includes the business cycle, rate of inflation, and interest rates. The changes in society’s trends and markets and technological impact are also macro economic environmental factors. A Political, Economic, Socialcultural, and Technological Analysis (P.E.S.T. or PEST Analysis) is used to examine the macro (external) environment that companies must face and deal with when conducting business. External factors can be considered bad and yet a dynamic external environment creates opportunities as changes occur.

Macro economic environmental factors are forces which affect companies dramatically if not controlled and addressed accordingly. The macro factors are dynamic and produce major changes and trends. Such factors include technology, politics, the status of the economy, and the

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environment. As stated earlier, these factors (along with many other macro economic environmental factors) drive the changes that constantly occur.

Demographics, or “The characteristics of human populations and population segments, especially when used to identify consumer markets”, as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (2000) are highly determined. Unlike demographics, however, the macro environmental factor of public opinion is very uncertain. RTE should focus on the factors that are the most important and most uncertain. The company should focus on trends that are observable and measurable as these are good indicators of what changes should expect to happen and the directions in which these changes will take.

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