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This week you will practice using some of the helpful collaborative functionsand formatting Google Sheets offers. While Sheets is not as robust asExcel, its cooperative features allow users to quickly communicate andshare data across the world with ease. Your goal with this assignment is toedit an excerpt of a sales spreadsheet for an office supply superstore thathas a North American sales representatives in the US, Canada, andMexico so that a sales analyst can get a real-time picture of weekly salestrends by region.1)Downloadthis sample Excel file to your computer and upload it toyour Drive to convert it to Google Sheets.2)You will notice that in Columns L and M, a country and market islisted once but isn’t filled in throughout the rest of the rows. Use thecopy fill tool to extend Mexico and Mexico City down to row 25,Canada and British Columbia down to row 52, and USA and Los Angeles through row 100.3)You will also need to insert an empty row between each of your threedifferent markets (i.e. one empty row after the last row of Mexico dataand one empty row after the last row of Canada data)4)Define and name all three sets of market data.5)You will use the SUM function to display total sales and net profit incolumns F and H for EACH market. Your totals will come from usingthe cell ranges in both columns in your function.6)Format your sales and profit totals with a solid black border and boldthe text.7)Create an empty column to the right of Column F and name thecolumn “Current Exchange Rate”

 8)Use the CURRENCY function to import current exchange rates fromGoogle Finance. The syntax for this is:=GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:<from first currency> <to second currency>”)You will need to put in the appropriate currency codes from in the correctorder. For example, if I wanted to display the exchange rate betweenBritish pounds and the Euro, I would use (“CURRENCY:GBPEUR”)Mexican currency code: MXNCanadian currency code: CAD9) Use the copy fill tool to fill in the exchange rate for the appropriate rowsin that column.10) Set conditional formatting in the Profit column to turn a cell red if theprofit is negative (i.e. less than 0)11) Set conditional formatting in the Sales column to turn a cell green if thesales exceed $2,000.12) Use the sort tool only show sales data related to the Small Businesscustomer segment.13) Share your workbook and set to “anyone with a grantham.edu addresscan EDIT”. Copy and paste the link into your W4 assignment dropbox.

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