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Individual Elevator Pitch

The Pitch is designed to focus on selling yourself to an employer for a job interview, job opportunity, job promotion or internship. Some students are looking for internships, entry level positions and other students are looking to move up in a current company or leverage their experience with another company. This Pitch assumes you have an opportunity to introduce yourself (the pitch) to a particular decision maker and ask for an appointment


Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. It often happens that we run into someone who could offer us an opportunity and we are not prepared. This exercise focuses your thinking about your qualifications and your objectives so that you can tell people your personal pitch in one to two minutes.


An elevator pitch is a short overview your accomplishments, goals, services, etc. and is typically used as an introduction in a business setting. This can be a powerful tool to sell yourself or your ideas. The pitch should be short and should be delivered in the time it takes you to ride an elevator from the 20th floor to the ground floor.

Example: Imagine you are in the elevator with an executive from Sony Music Entertainment. You have an opportunity to make an introduction. Are you prepared? What will you say? Use your “dream person” to run into in the elevator for your Pitch.

1.Background research to be listed BEFORE you begin your Pitch.

a. Clarify your Job target – List and present your research of your target company and person (research the person/position in charge of the job you want)

b. List your education, skills, accomplishments, projects, internships, work experiences, awards, etc. and then determine what is relevant to this individual elevator pitch. 

2. Actual Pitch

You should tailor your discussion per person, per job, per company, etc.

Make sure your pitch answers the questions:

Who are you? Hi, My name is……. and I am…….What are your qualifications?

Why are you interested in this position/department, etc. with this company? 

Why are you uniquely qualified for this position? (Why are you the best person to hire for this position?)

What is it about you that will benefit the company overall?

3. Ask for a follow up action step, appointment, interview, phone call, etc.

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