Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Ethics in organizoations 2.

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In addition, an appropriate action plan will be designed for eliminating all the issues concerning the organization. Review of the Issues Based on the facts provided, it has been observed that the company was facing certain gaps that resulted in varied amount of discrepancies in the organization. Based on the interactions with the employees, it has been studied the employees were biased and even discriminated on many different occasions. The employees belonging from multi cultural background had to face the maximum level of discrimination. Also, people belonging from the minority groups were facing the problem of biasness and discrimination within the workplace. Beyond these instances, the workplace culture was also getting deteriorated because of numerous amounts of cases of harassment that were coming out. Employees were getting harassed at almost every level by their peers and the senior management. Based on the prevailing workplace scenario, it was observed that the overall workplace culture was in a degradation mode. Top Three Messages to the Senior Management Team Based on the graveness of the identified issues, it has been comprehended that these issues lays an immense impact over the internal business scenario to a greater extent. From the above scenario, it is felt that the organization was facing problems pertaining to cultural diversity to a large extent. Organizational harassment contributes towards harmful effects such as grievances of the employees increases, grudges emerge against peers and groups arises within the team members, which ultimately affects the overall development of the organization (Royal College of Nursing, n.d.). Correspondingly, individual biasness within an organization greatly influences the performance standard of the business and its employees. Furthermore, biasness within the organization also create hurdle in the effective decision making process (Kauffman &amp. Diamond, 1989). Perception associated with discrimination within the organization leads to work conflict and accelerated retention rate, which drastically affects the overall development of the business scenario (Ensher, Grant-Vallone &amp. Donaldson, 2001). On the part of the organization it is likely to remember that with an employee of number 300, it might become difficult for the organization to maintain sustainability. Action Plan for Curbing the Issues Based on the analysis of the prevailing issues in the organization, it is clear that the organization facing serious issues in the workplace.

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