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As the report stresses&nbsp.high social status usually denotes a stable career too. Age is also a factor in determining desirability since the older the male is, the more financially successful he is. Our human ancestors before largely depended on hunting as a means for getting food. Shelter and protection for other males are also significant when choosing a partner. Choosing a mate that can get food for them, therefore, is very important. A good hunter is supposed to be tall, athletic, v-shaped, symmetrical and hairy. All of these factors denote that a man is healthy, and health is a detrimental factor when it comes to choosing a mate since an unhealthy partner can pose as a threat to survival. Also, these traits also denote that the male is capable of protecting the female and the offspring and at the same time, provide food by means of hunting.According to the report findings all of these make sense since a woman is biologically programmed to take care of the offspring and man is biologically programmed to procreate. In order for a woman to get what she needs (a committed man who gives her resources to take care of their child), she needs to put up these qualifications. This unconscious trait list is what makes unions successful, thereby producing viable babies.&nbsp.The factor concerning age is not always reliable. Older men are the norm in choosing the correct mate because it denotes stability and more financial capability. (Buss, 2007). However, older men are also more prone to diseases, especially in a relationship where the age difference is more than 10 years. Although, yes, the man in question is more financially successful, he is also prone to die earlier which would undermine the other factors such as the ability to provide protection and the promise of health. 2. &nbsp.There are different theories explaining why mothers provide more care than fathers. Critique each theory using relevant research. There are two theories that can support the claim on why mothers provide more care than fathers. One is that the fathers are never sure of their paternity to children and also the father’s relative reproductivity rate. According to Kanazawa (2008), fathers are never sure of their children compared to women. As in nobody questions women about the child’s mother when she gets pregnant because as mammals, women gestate internally. Thus, it is clear on who the mother is. It is not the same for men, however, because paternity of children is never clear.

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