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Your task is to implement a simple clock class to keep track of the current time using 24-hour timerepresentation. Your clock should allow the user to input the current time. Your clock should allow theuser to advance the clock by an integer number of minutes up to 12 hours (720 minutes).Finally, yourclock should be able to format the time it represents for screen output, that is, it should produce a stringrepresentation of the time in a four-digit format, with leading zeros where needed for hours andminutes, and the ‘:’ character separating the hours and minutes (for example: 05:30, 15:04, 23:59).INSTRUCTIONSThere are many ways to approach the architecture of the code. For this lab, use the following classdesign and responsibility allocation to code the logic. Use this logic only, do not deviate from theseinstructions:1) A driver class (with main), called Lab9, should provide the following logic:a) Prompt user for input for the current time hours and minutes. You may assume that thesevalues are valid (i.e., you do not need to do any input validation for these values).b) Call the Clock constructor with user input hours and minutes to create a new clock object.c) Print the original user input time; use the clock’s method to format the output before printing.d) In a loop:i) Prompt the user for a number of minutes to advance the clock, not to exceed 12 hours (720minutes), or -1 to exit the program.(1) Print an error message if the user entered a number greater than 720.(2) Exit the program if the user entered -1.(3) If the user provided an appropriate value for minutes, ask the Clock to advance theclock time, and then print the new time.2) A Clock class should include:a) Private integer data members for current time hours and minutes.b) Public methods as follows:i) a constructor that has two input parameters for user input hours and minutes, respectively,and sets the data members to these valuesii) a getCurrentTime method that has no input parameters, and returns the current timeas a String, properly formattedHint: if your hour or minute count is less than 10, you need to insert a 0 (zero) characterbefore the hour or minute to produce a 4-character time stringiii) an advanceTime method with a single input parameter for the number of minutes toadvance the clock time, and no return valueHint: if your new hour count exceeds 23, you need to calculate the correct hour value forthe next day.Hint: if your new minute count exceeds 59, you need to calculate the correct minute valuefor the new time

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