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And the costumer can avail this discount inform via his email account. Also, the main HQ and local admin can send to the costumer’s email the latest offers if there is. The main HQ administrator has the access in controlling the system, the HQ can either add or remove motel. Both of the main HQ and the local Administration can update the room type, availability and pricing of their rooms.

1. The personal information of the customer includes his ID, name, address, contact information, age and other personal detail with his email address. The customer can access through web, he can check the availability, type and pricing of the room. Also he can check seasonal offers of the company.

2. With his personal email address he can send his messages and other inquires about his booking. He can receive special the other offer, be informed for special discount and other newsletter from the company. And also he can be informed if ever the payment and booking transactions is successful or not.

4. Costumer’s history includes with the customer’s booking number, the total of booking the customer made the other details of his booking from this the company will base their decision if they will give a special discount of not.

The Main flow: Payment

1. Payment transactions must include the customer’s ID, the date and amount he paid off. The payment of the customer may be in the form of cheque or card payments.

2. If the transaction was done by cheque then the transaction must include the payment number, cheque no., sort code, account number and other banking information.

3. IF the transaction was done by card payments the detailed information must include the card number, the date when it is issued and the expiration date.

4. All the payment transaction between the customer and the company. The company and the customer must be informed by the electronic banking system if the card or cheque is accepted or rejected.

The Main flow: Motel

1. Both the main HQ motel administration and other local administrations can check their customer’s history.

2. The HQ and other local administrations can update the rooms’ availability, type, and pricing. Only the Main administrator can add or delete rooms.

3. The main HQ administrator can add and remove their local motel branches. Also they can remove, add or transfer their staffs.

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