Research Paper: At this point you all should have selected an author and completed an initial inquiry. We will be moving to formal thesis.   Please use the following guidelines to draft a thesis:  

Crafting a well-wrought and viable thesis statement is a key step whenever one is called upon to write from research in ANY discipline.

Task: Create a thesis for research essay on the life AND work of a specific author (of fiction, poetry or drama).Assignment: Using one of the two templates construct a first draft thesis statement.

Option: You may either choose to analyze 3 shorter works (3 short stories or 3 poems) one way.


 Analyze one longer work (Novel, novella, Play) 3 ways.

What follows are two templates for thesis–please complete the one that applies to your project and submit in this DB on or before 3/9 Example of a Thesis for a RP analyzing 3 shorter works 1 way:

This essay will analyze the life and (fiction or poetry–choose only 1)fiction of Ernest Hemingway. It will employ a literary analysis that focuses on (setting, principle male character, principle female character, theme or symbolism—CHOOSE ONLY 1) principle male character to gain a more thorough understanding of the following three short stories: “Hills Like White Elephants,” “The Killers,” and “A Clean Well-Lighted Place.

“Example for a RP analyzing 1 longer work analyzed 3 ways:

This essay will analyze the life and (fiction, drama—CHOOSE ONLY 1) drama of William Shakespeare. it will employ the following three literary analyses: (setting, principle male character, principle female character, theme, symbolism–CHOOSE 3)principle male character, principle female character, and theme to gain a more thorough understanding of his most celebrated tragedy Hamlet.

***Please choose one of these templates as appropriate.***Copy verbatim***Some of you may only be able to fill in 1 or 2 of the titles (for template 1) that tells you that the next step is to familiarize yourself with your author’s work as this will be the most weighted part of this essay.

The author that i choose Guy de Maupassant. I include two attachment about him, the date he was born.

Files: Guy de Maupassant.docx, Guy de Maupassant two.docx

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