APA format, please least references and cite within the text.

Total word count at least 1900 words

 Thank you.

Article (select the link): Barlow & Barlow, 2002

  1. Topic Summary

 Read the article: “Racial Profiling: A Survey of African American Police Officers”(Barlow & Barlow, 2002). Using concepts from chapters 1-6 as the basis for your analysis, in a narrative format of 750 or more words, summarize:

(a) the research problem,

(b) the literature review,

(c) data-gathering strategy,

(d) any hypotheses,

(e) the dependent and independent variable in one of the cause-effect relationships tested by the researchers,

(f) how the dependent and independent variable were operationalized,

(g) other variables that should have been measured and/or controlled, and

(h) the key findings and/or policy issues.

2.  Topic Analysis

This research utilized a mixed-methods approach (i.e., quantitative and qualitative). Identify the quantitative aspect, the qualitative aspect, and explain the value of using this approach. Were there any discrepancies or unexpected findings between the two methods (i.e., did the qualitative data contradict or refute the quantitative data)?

  1. Briefly sketch out the advantages and disadvantages of using mail surveys, internet surveys, and phone surveys for research. Overall, which survey method do you think is the best? Explain your rationale.

  2. Go to the Research Triangle Institute site at THIS LINK. Click on “Survey Research and Services” and then on “Capabilities”. Under “Data Collection” read about the institute’s methods for computer-assisted interviewing and mixed-mode data collection. Scroll down, under “Methodologies” read the section on “Questionnaire Design and Evaluation,” to learn about innovative techniques including cognitive pretesting. What does this add to your treatment and understanding of survey research?

  3. Executive Decision

Appendix A of this article contains the questionnaire on racial profiling that was used for this research. What issues of validity concern you about this questionnaire? What issues of validity concern you about the research article? What questions should have been asked that were omitted? If you were to conduct this research, what would be different? Be detailed in your answer. 

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