1. The competencies that I was able to develop in writing and a researching this paper seemed to be really difficult because I switched products.  I was going to do headphones but I deicide to go with what was more realistic in my life which is the brand of my own.  I fell to let you know that I am a musician who has decided to launch my own clothing merchandise.  It was very difficult to switch because I had my mind focused on the headphones project but I am to develop a lot of research from other clothing brands to gain a full understanding of how they did it.  I leveraged the knowledge from intellipath assignments to assure that I was on the right track with different things like my mission statement and target audience.  I used a lot of references from our text to explain the how’s and whys of the product.  Being that it is an independent product, I am fully aware of the fact that I need other people involved like distributers and promotion team to carry out this plan and that’s what the intellipath assignments did for me.  They let me know things I was ignorant about.  These competencies will help me to become a better manager due to the fact that I have learned a few brand new things to help me to be more effective and get to a solution first before anyone else and most times that makes you a favorite in the business.
  2. My marketing plan fits my mission statement well because “Issa Whole Brand ” is effective in itself.  This statement alone make you want to know more about what’s going on with the Champion movement.  My goal is to venture out and brand other things that people use on a daily like soap, tissue,  gloves, etc.  The merchandise is only the start, I want to be able to become a household brand in every home and I believe its possible.
  3. The way I will relate to my customers is hands on.  We will have lifetime warranty on everything for store credit to ensure that you keep shopping with us.  We want you to keep getting the new and improved items for the upcoming year so we will have 24 hour phone service available for everyone all over the country.
  4. Social Media is the number one way we will get to our target audience with the use of direct contact and brand advertisements.  This plays a huge role because we all know technology is the new wave of the future.
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