Identify your chosen public health issue and summarize it. 

Your summary should include a description of the issue, worldwide and national prevalence, and any other important statistics or facts about the issue (for example, is it something that affects a certain sex, ethnicity, or age group more than others?).

  • You      should also discuss the significance of your issue to the field of public      health. Why is it important? Why should we devote time and resources to addressing      it? This section should be supported by examples and evidence that will      strengthen your argument, you should discuss the history of your selected      issue and describe how it has evolved over time. Provide a      detailed history of the disease or health issue from a public      health standpoint. You should expand your introduction written during the      Milestone One assignment. Be sure to substantiate your claims with      scholarly research and scientific examples from journal articles about how      the disease has evolved over time.
  • Identify      the specific population that has the greatest risk for this disease or      health issue. Why is this population at highest risk? What characteristics      make this population more susceptible to facing this disease or health      issue identified by scholarly journal articles? Consider the      determinants of health as discussed in the course and include all      determinants relevant to the disease or health in your paper. The      determinants that you identified should all be cited using scholarly      research.
  • Discuss      the social and behavioral factors that contribute to this public health      issue. What impact do these factors have on the issue you selected? Be      sure to justify your scholarly research using in-text citations.
  • What      contributions have been made by public health agencies, positions, or      roles with regard to your selected public health issue? In other      words, what role have public agencies or specific positions or      employees within the agencies played with regard to delivering public      health services for this issue?

HIV in adolescents (youth aged 13 to 24) Chosen Health issue

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