Need an argumentative essay on It is traditionally held that Marx and Engels were against capitalism and thus the Industrial Revolution, an argument can be made that both men could believe industrialization was a positive development. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In response to the belief, several evaluation of the interconnection between the two has been conducted with different findings stated in the process.

The soviet Communism has presumably discredited the manifesto route and plan of communism with its declaration of the idea to centralize all the instruments of production are controlled by the state (Torrance 54). Such a belief illustrates the upcoming and development of the industrial era with the creation of the bigger companies that swallow up the smaller one with the creation of centralized systems. The development of centralized governments was as a result of the new idea but has been affected by loss of service quality. In the abolition of the distribution by exchange, several problems are encountered by the lack of transparency and harmony in the labor-power relationship. The production process must own the labor and power for success to be achieved in the process leading to the development of harmony in the process.

The industrialization process involves engaging the factors of production and technology in large scale production process. The thought and accumulation of wealth is vital in the creation of large scale manufacturing companies but may lead to the development of spreading of wealth across countries and within the country (Torrance 57). The creation of subsidiaries and a large multinational company leads to the development on increased spreading of wealth. In the industrialization era, the Marxist and Engel idea is supported by the development of large scale companies with the ability to improve the welfare of the society to which they are located. The spread and improvement of the welfare of individuals is indispensable in the creation communist ideology.

Communist idea is on the sharing of wealth among the population, thus. in improving of the welfare of the society, it is possible for the communist theory to be implemented. Despite the success of industrialization in improving

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