Write 10 page essay on the topic Aussie Pie.

The given report projects the financial statement for a start up business to acquire business loan. By preparing the financial statements of the organization, the management would be able to know how they have performed in one year after establishing a new business in the USA market. Initially, details of the planned business are given below on the basis of which projections are arrived at:


Anna Amphlett and Andrew Ferris plan to start up business in Seattle’s Pike Place Market under the trade-marked name of Aussie Pies. Business would conduct production and distribution of Australian meat pies. Idea of exploring opportunity for a meat pie in the US arrived from Anna Amphlett and Andrew Ferris’s visit to Australia where the mentioned product is a national snack having huge market mainly during sports.


Meat pies are hand sized pot pie made with pastry and filled with minced (ground) beef gravy. The pie has short crust bottom and flaky pastry top. The meat pie is about four inches in diameter and traditionally in hand with tomato sauce (tomato Ketchup) and accompanied by cold beer.

Plan to introduce Australian meat pie in the US will mainly follow the same product details and differentiation will be offered in the quality of pies. The Aussie Pies will be of high quality with low fat beef. The Aussie Pies would be made from beef raised on ranches using no hormones or insecticides. Initially, standard meat pies would be offered and based on the level of success further specialty pies, such as steak and kidney pies, meat and sun dried tomato pies, and Barramundi pies would be offered. LOCATION: Anna Amphlett and Andrew Ferris plan to open first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. This place is a popular destination for tourists, and they will be the basic target market. Tourists usually have curiosity for the cuisine of places they are visiting. Aussie Pies with high quality and low fat will mainly attract these tourists of Seattle. Moreover, quality raised meat being the specialty of Aussie Pies would attract health conscious young generation as well. PRICE: The price of meat pie is decided to $ 3.25 per pie.

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