Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on History of Tango (origin and how it is today), major influences, major artist, cultures ( such as Astor Piazzolla), what kind of instruments are involved. What role did it play in politics, how Tango evolves from 1880s to Today) what type of dancing, what. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Tango referred to a variety of local dances such as the “tango andaluza”. Tango developed and spread rapidly to the rest of the world with numerous of celebrity artists. Furthermore, tango has often influenced fundamental aspects of the society such as politics as the discussion below portrays.

Playing tango requires a collection of musical instrument. Tango may include a vocalist or purely instrumental. Regardless of the nature, tango requires an ensemble of the instrument with the type and number of instruments depending on the preference of the audience. Traditionally, playing tango required a solo guitar or a guitar duo. In most cases, it comprised of an ensemble known by the locals as orquesta típica. orquesta típica just as the name suggests was an ensemble of various instruments including a violin, piano, flute, two or more bandoneóns, double bass and guitar. Playing the assortment of musical instruments is systematic with the artists creating a harmonious rhythm that enhances the vocalists in cases one is present. In the event of instrumental tango, the instrumentalists maintain a particular rhythm and tone that constitutes the music.

Tango developed and spread to Europe where it gained popularity rapidly beginning with France. Numerous European tango artists began emerging. Carlos Gardel was one such tango artist who enhanced the spread of Tango in Europe ensuring that tango moved from the low class brothels to become a respectable form of dance and music. Tango spread into the United States alongside the developed of the film industry. Tango dance had sensual depictions in most films in the United States a feature that endeared to the local populations who embraced the culture and began developing similar music and learning the dance. Tango music retained its macho lyrics that blamed women for numerous heartbreaks with the dance remaining both sexual and

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