Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses A necessary precondition of employing market processes to solve the economic problem involves a general (inter)dependence of members of society on market activity for a means of livelihood. Explain the above statement and how the command institution of Ca.

Once the economic problem is identified, members of the society rely on the marketing process to cover the scarcity or the problem the market is undergoing. After the members of the society covered the economic problem, their livelihood and sustainability in the market is also covered.

The Caribbean slavery is an era that gave a very big boost to England’s economy. I

t was in the 18th century when slavery was brought to the Caribbean islands. Slaves where brought into the colonies due to low supply of labor and high demands of sugar, which is the product of sugarcane. Sugarcanes easily grow in the Caribbean because of its temperate weather. As the demand of sugar increase, the demand of labor work also increases. This is the scarcity we are talking about on the above paragraph. their scarcity is the labor work, labor work is needed in order to produce the demand of sugar from the consumers. They used slaves as laborers for production in order for plantation to cut on labor cost. In the marketing process, this is their means of coping up with the lack of laborers or man power to supply the demand of sugar. Most of the slaves were captured and shipped from Africa. These slaves were literally taken from their homes by the so called slave-raiding parties which are also supported by Africa’s local government. These slaves were transported to the West Indies by a ship where slaves could not move freely and may sometimes suffocate to death. The colonies preferred African slaves because there was no developing industry in Africa, they would only trade the African slaves that were captured brutally for guns and other manufactured items such as tobacco, rice and liquor. The transition of England’s economy soared up so high that there where more slaves in the area than the original settlers of the area. There where 428,000 slaves out of the 500,000 population in the area. They are producing that

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