Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Marketing and Consumers unit objectives include developing an understanding of marketing in leisure. One way that companies develop a wider marketing strategy is through market research- using primary and secondary sources. It needs to be at least 500 words.

A priori, usage, attitudinal and cluster, and need based segmentations can be conducted (Boyd & Timothy 2006). Priori is where market is split based on the pre-existing demographic features whereby it is achieved through advertising and media. Usage segmentation is achieved through two means that is by splitting customers depending on their weight use and second depending on time and place (Constantinides 2006). Attitudinal is based on customers attitude towards a product or service, and is conducted through agree-disagree ratings on a scale while need based research is based on functional performance of business.

Premier Inn uses demographic segmentation in order to promote and sell its services. This is because this method is far much better compared to the others. Demographic segmentation caters for all ages when it comes to service delivery. Additionally, this method caters for its target market income, ethnic background as well as family lifecycle (Graham 2006). Therefore, this is the best segmentation method this company can use since it has opened branches in different regions with different ethnicities, genders, age groups and where family lifecycles differ. The best method that Premier can use for product positioning is specific demographic method (Hassan & Craft 2012). This is due to the fact that every branch caters for a different group of customers in that population and that the branches are not directed towards a specific or one population.

A number of trends have emerged that Premier Inn has to keep up with. They include tech savvy, sustainability, ranking and customer service. Ranking should be among the company’s top priorities. This is because majority of guests love to spend at the best ranked hotels (Lancaster & Reynolds 2005). Customer priority should be in the minds of the company’s management since it’s the customer that makes them

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